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How high is too high for TV over fireplace?

How high is too high for TV over fireplace?

In general, the answer is 60-68 inches above the ground; however, this number will vary depending on the height of the homeowner. If you have to lift or strain your neck at all, it’s too high.

How high should a 55 inch TV be mounted above a fireplace?

So, the average 55-inch TV should be mounted 28.5 inches from the floor to the bottom of the TV.

How big should your TV be above your fireplace?

If in Doubt, Do a Little Math: Depending on the height of your mantel — or if you don’t have one, the top of the fireplace — hang the TV four to twelve inches above. If your mantel is higher than four feet, then hang the TV no more than six inches above.

How high should a 65 inch TV be mounted above a fireplace?

So, if you are looking at a 65” TV, you should be sitting approximately 97” away (65 x 1.5). Or, working backwards, if your seating is 9′, or 108”, from the fireplace then you should consider something in the neighborhood of 70” (108/1.5).

How tall does a screen have to be above a fireplace?

If the mantel is less than 4 feet from the floor or your fireplace does not have a mantel, mount the screen around 12 inches above the mantel or fireplace itself. If your fireplace mantel is tall with a height of more than four feet ground up, mount the screen no more than 6 inches higher than the fireplace.

Can You mount a flat screen TV over a fireplace?

The image on the screen isn’t optimal when viewed from an angle. LCD TVs are notorious for being difficult to see from an angle of more than 30 degrees from horizontal. If you mount the flat-screen TV flat against the wall above the fireplace, and you’re sitting on a sofa or loveseat, you’ll be viewing the screen from an angle.

How tall should a wall mount be for a fireplace?

If you like viewing your screen as close as possible, the angle imposed by the fireplace will detract from your viewing experience. While a full motion articulating wall mount can help to angle the screen downward, you are still forced to tip your head back to see the screen. Fireplace mantels range from 50 to 60 inches tall.

What’s the best height to mount a flat screen TV?

If you want to watch while lying down on your bed, you should mount the unit slightly above eye level so that you are comfortably looking up. The method for finding the exact height is similar to that above.