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How fast can a Hobie Mirage Drive go?

How fast can a Hobie Mirage Drive go?

Just casually peddling I’m usually at 2-3 mph. The perfect trolling speed for me is about 1-1.5 mph and that’s done with slow alternating peddles….speed with mirage drive.

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Site Rank – Captain Joined: Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:41 pm Posts: 32 How fast does the pa go with a normal constant pace of peddling the mirage drive?

Are Hobie Mirage drives interchangeable?

Thanks! Post subject: Re: Mirage Drive Interchangeability? Any mirage drive will fit in any mirage drive kayak.

What to do if your Hobie Mirage drive fails?

• When launching, make sure you have enough draft before installing the Mirage Drive. It might be a good idea to get the spare parts kit from Hobie, and keep it in your kayak with the necessary tools to repair your Mirage Drive if you have a failure while on the water.

What kind of lubricant do I use on my Hobie Mirage?

I personally use Break-Free® “CLP” to clean and lubricate the steel parts. Back in 2008 when I first started maintaining my Mirage Drives, I read on the Hobie Forum that Break-Free® was a popular product that would penetrate, clean, and lubricate all the metal components. The lubrication points are:

What kind of care does a mirage need?

With normal use, your Mirage Drive needs very little care, and with a little preventative maintenance can last many years. Here are some basic care recommendations to help keep you pedaling for a long time. Before getting started, rinse off any dirt, sand, debris, or saltwater.

What should I use to clean my Mirage drive?

Hold the Mirage Drive up, cycle it, and listen for any sand or debris that might still be lodged in moving parts. I personally use Break-Free® “CLP” to clean and lubricate the steel parts.