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How do you use Jo Sonja crackle medium?

How do you use Jo Sonja crackle medium?


  1. Prepare piece and paint in the usual manner.
  2. Using a soft brush, apply an even layer of Jo Sonja’s Crackle Medium over the surface where the crazing effect is desired.
  3. Crackling will occur if room temperature is moderate to warm.
  4. Medium will be cured when completely dry.

Can you use crackle medium with acrylic?

Delta Creative Crackle Medium This water-based medium is nontoxic and perfect for mixing with and layering on acrylic paint. For best results, layer it under the top coat of paint you want to crackle, using a thin layer to achieve fine cracks or a heavier layer for a more pronounced effect.

How do you get the crackle effect on acrylic?

Use a flat latex or acrylic paint for the top coat, otherwise the crackling may not happen. Brush the paint over the glue while it is still tacky to achieve the crackle effect. Brush only once over the glue, rather than using several brushstrokes in the same area, or you may hinder the crackling process.

What kind of medium is Jo Sonja’s Crackle?

You have no items in your shopping cart. Jo Sonja’s Crackle Medium is a transparent medium used to create fine, crackle finish over completed acrylic paintings. This medium dries clear and will produce a ‘cracked varnish’ effect like that found on old porcelain.

What kind of acrylics does Jo Sonja use?

Jo Sonja Acrylic Artists’ Colours are flow formula acrylics that offer the opacity of colour and the beautiful, velvet matte finish associated with traditional gouache plus superb handling and brushing characteristics. Unlike gouache, they are water-resistant and will not chip or crack when cured. + 4 ALL NEW Colors!

What can you use Jo Sonja’s gel retarder for?

It may also be used as a medium or antiquing agent. Jo Sonja’s Gel Retarder delays the drying time of the paint without thinning the paint. It also allows for the blendability of oils with the ease of acrylics. Mix with color beginning with a ratio of 1:1 for an antiquing glaze. Jo Sonja’s Cork Sealer can be used with Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours.

What kind of glaze does Jo Sonja use?

It seals and waterproofs cork for decoys and can be cleaned up with water. Jo Sonja’s Fast Drying Glaze Medium is a water based acrylic glazing medium that allows the artist to control the intensity and consistency of the paint as well as provide transparency of color to Chroma’s Jo Sonja Artists’ and Background Colors.