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How do you rig a Gunter sail?

How do you rig a Gunter sail?

The mode of operation is:

  1. bend the peak halyard to the sliding device on the gunter.
  2. bend the throat halyard to the jaws.
  3. secure the parrel beads around the mast from jaw to jaw to locate the jaws positively around the mast.
  4. haul the gaff into the vertical with the peak halyard and make fast.

How do you tie a sail to the boom?

Use 1.2 mm ties to tie the foot of the sail to the boom. Double wrap the ties through the grommets and around the boom. Double wraps make the gap between sail and boom easier to adjust. Tie the free ends (square knot) to make a 5 mm gap between the sail and the boom.

Where does the gunter rig attach to the mast?

Gunter rig is a configuration of sail and spars used in sailing. It is a fore and aft sail set abaft (behind) the mast. The lower half of the luff (front) of the sail is attached to the mast, and the upper half is fastened to a spar which is approximately vertical and reaches above the top of the mast.

How does a sliding gunter sailing rig work?

As the brailing line is hauled in the loop collapses pulling the leech to the mast ( figure 7b ). With the sail collapsed against the mast, dropping the yard can wait until a more convenient time. Now the boat can be rowed, work can be done or a sandwich eating.

What should I use to rig my gunter rig?

•If your boat has a Gunter rig there should be a short wire rope, about 175mm long with a loop in each end. This is the jib halyard strop. The larger loop passes over the top of the mast so it hangs over the forward face of the mast (the gooseneck fitting is on the aft face of the mast). The smaller loop should have a block (pulley) attached to it.

How do you Reef a gunter rigged boat?

Reefing a gunter rigged boat with a single halyard requires the sail to be fully lowered into the boat and (usually) the halyard repositioned on the yard or (rarely) the sail to be moved downwards along the yard.