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How do you release a song as a single?

How do you release a song as a single?

Here are just some of the things you could do to promote your single, if you have enough time:

  1. Global distribution.
  2. Spotify pre-saves.
  3. Music video and lyric video production.
  4. Song premiere.
  5. Video premieres.
  6. Press.
  7. Cover artwork.
  8. Communicating with reps from your distributor, licensing agency, etc.

How can I promote my music single?

50 Ways to Promote a Single

  1. Lyric Video.
  2. Create recognizable artwork.
  3. Debut the song at a show before it’s released.
  4. Lock in the right premiere partner.
  5. Give the song to your super fans early via text.
  6. Moving visualizer with the artwork (never static)
  7. Get YouTube promoter channels to post it.
  8. Shoot a music video.

How does an independent artist release a single?

How to release music as an independent artist in 2021:

  1. Create a website.
  2. Generate a social media presence.
  3. Make a YouTube channel.
  4. Sign up to a distribution agency.
  5. Get playlisted.
  6. Contact small record labels.
  7. Get your music onto blogs.
  8. DM other musicians.

Can you release music by yourself?

Anyone can release their tracks through an Independent music distributor – sometimes known as a music aggregator – and start collecting royalties from sales and streams. If the music you’re releasing is 100% your own creation, you don’t need to worry about licensing. You can just upload your tracks and release them.

Is it possible to release a song as a single?

The music could change the world, it could wow a few people, or it could go completely ignored. Of course chance always plays a part, but the outcome is partially in your own hands. The good news: We’re living in an age of singles, and there are tons of ways to put one song to work.

What’s the best way to release your first single?

Have other songs ready to go when the hype around your first single starts to die down in order to build upon your previous success. Even better – if you do have a budget, plan to connect it with an EP or album release for more exposure opportunities. Have you had a successful single release campaign?

How to promote new music before release date?

Let everything you discover guide your music promotion leading up to your release. At the end of the day, your music should speak for itself. But telling your story helps you keep your promotional efforts personal and genuine—2 things most music promotion needs more of these days. 2. Have a new bio and press release written and ready to go

What makes a good song for a single?

Your songs need to stick in a person’s head and stay there. Your listeners should wake up with it in the morning and find themselves humming it without thinking about it. You might have a great song, but if it doesn’t have a great hook, it shouldn’t be released as a single on its own.