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How do you get the best SeeD rank in FF8?

How do you get the best SeeD rank in FF8?

FF8’s SeeD Rank is determined by the player’s decisions while doing the Dollet mission early in the game (just after the Fire Cavern). While that’s the initial measuring stick for a player’s SeeD Rank, it’s not the only one – a player’s conduct during other moments in FF8’s story will also influence their rank.

What is the highest starting SeeD rank FF8?

SeeD Rank A is equivalent to 3100 SeeD Exp and the maximum is 3110, mere 10 points above the threshold. This is why the player’s rank often drops from A to 30 when the salary is paid; to prevent this the player should kill 10 enemies before receiving the next salary.

Why does my SeeD level go down?

If your SeeD level drops, it’s probably because you haven’t been killing enough things between payments (which I’m assuming the random appearances along the bottom of the screen are – you getting paid). Humanity’s one redeeming virtue is the ability to corrupt anything.

How often do you get SeeD money FF8?

So you can have a max of 3000 SeeD points. Every time you get paid your points decrease by 10, and every monster you kill you get one point. Taking a test will raise you to the next rank. If you have 1800 it will raise it to 1900, or if you have 1899 it’ll still raise it to 1900.

How to raise your seed rank in Final Fantasy VIII?

One way to raise your SeeD Rank in Final Fantasy VIII is to take a written SeeD Test. You don’t need to be in Garden to take a SeeD Test – you can ‘write in’ and take the test at any time. The tests are a little hidden away, though – open up the menu of the game and hit the help option; you’ll find the SeeD Tests within there.

Can you take a seed test in Final Fantasy 8?

One of the many unique features of Final Fantasy 8 includes SeeD tests that you’re able to take which will increase your SeeD rank. An increased SeeD rank only has one benefit which is a larger paycheck after you take the required amount of steps.

How old do you have to be to become seed in Final Fantasy?

Students 15 and older can participate in the written and field exams. They must pass both exams to become SeeD. SeeD members are paid by the Garden according to their rank. In the Garden, their status is no different from that of the other students. SeeD conducts missions around the world. Most missions involve battle support and undercover work.

How does the seed rank come into play?

Your SeeD rank is used to determine your salary and goes up or down depending on a number of different factors including your actions in battle and the choices you make. When does SeeD Rank come into play? You are given a SeeD rank at the conclusion of the SeeD Exam in Dollet. How many SeeD Ranks are there and what is the difference in salary?