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How do you code a magic square?

How do you code a magic square?

These are the characteristics for writing the code:

  1. Ask the user for an odd number.
  2. Create an n by n array.
  3. Follow these steps to create a magic square. a. Place a 1 in the middle of the first row. b. Subtract 1 from the row and add 1 to the column. i. If possible place the next number at that position.
  4. Print the array.

How do you find the magic number in a magic square?

This number is called the magic sum of the square. you get the same total as when you multiply the three numbers in each column together and add the three products: 8\times 3\times 4+1\times 5\times 7+6\times 7\times 2=225. This number is called the magic product of the square.

What is the magic number for a 12×12 square?

Again, this is sort of a magic square – each row, column or diagonal adds up to 60. To get a proper 12×12 magic square, using the numbers 1 to 144 each exactly once, we have to do some arithmetic.

What is the magic number of a magic square?

A Magic Square is a matrix with the same number of rows and columns; where rows, columns and diagonals all sum up to the same number called the Magic Number.

How to create a magic square for odd n?

A method for constructing a magic square for odd N is as follows: Step 1. Start in the middle of the top row, and let n = 1; Step 2. Insert n into the current grid position; Step 3. If n = N 2 the grid is complete so stop.

Which is the formula for the magic square generator?

Formula: Set number 1 on the left of the median line, the other numbers are written following the rule: if the cell is empty, in the cell in the bottom right of the previous one, else directly to the left of the occupied cell. When the cell does not exist (after last column or last row), go to the other side of the square/matrix.

How old are the Chinese magic squares puzzle?

A 4,000 year old Chinese magic squares puzzle is both fun and a way to learn basic problem solving skills. Plus turtles. Magic squares are a simple math puzzle with a grid of equal numbers of columns and rows. Each cell in the grid is assigned a number. The columns, rows, and diagonal directions total to the same amount.