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How do I verify a Washington state medical license?

How do I verify a Washington state medical license?

Go to and follow the instructions to create and send verification. Veridoc sends verifications immediately. The fee is $60.00. You can also visit the Department of Health (DOH) Provider Credential Search to print verification of a Physician and surgeon (MD) license.

How do I get a Washington state medical license?

In Washington, you have three application options:

  1. Washington State Physician (MD) online application – for Washington State licenses only.
  2. Expedited licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission (IMLCC)
  3. Uniform Application through the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)

What’s a Washington credential?

Credentialing Initial Application Licensing, Certification and Registration. The Credentialing Section ensures all applicants meet established professional qualifications and requirements in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) before a credential is issued.

How do I Find my CNA certificate number?

Look Up License Online. Many regulatory agencies provide CNA license number lookup via their websites. This is convenient for employers to verify a CNA’s status, but you can also check it for your certificate number. In Kansas, for example, you would just need to provide your first and last name. From there, you can locate your CNA number.

How do I Check my DL?

Many states allow a driver to check the status of a driver’s license online. Many states allow you to check the status of your driver’s license online. Go to the website of your state’s DMV and see whether your state offers this service.

What is a Washington credential?

The Washington enhanced driver’s license (EDL) credentials are official identification documents issued by the state Department of Licensing (DOL) that come with various privileges.

What is wa Dol?

Washington State Department of Labor. The Washington Department of Labor (DOL)vworks to protect the rights of workers, the unemployed that are looking for work and retirees. They may work in concert with other governmental agencies in order to protect those individuals’ rights.