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How do I turn on overdrive in my Toyota Matrix?

How do I turn on overdrive in my Toyota Matrix?

How to Use the Overdrive Button on a Toyota

  1. Press the button when passing another car on the highway.
  2. Press the button when entering the expressway.
  3. Engage the button when exiting the expressway.
  4. Press the button when going up a long, shallow grade on the expressway.

What is overdrive in Toyota Matrix?

It is simply an extra gear that lets the engine rev lower, thus improving fuel efficiency. A problem that can occur with this setup, however, is that the transmission can move between this higher gear and the one right below it resulting in the transmission shifting back and forth as you apply gas.

Where is the overdrive button located?

All You will need to do is press the overdrive button located to the left side of the gear selector while You are driving and that will disable it. Overdrive is a smaller gear that can allow Your vehicle’s RPMs to drop when You are at a cruising speed so that You can get better fuel economy.

How do I use overdrive in my Toyota?

Locate the overdrive (O/D) button on the gear shifter. The overdrive button can be found on the left side of the shifter, below the button used to shift gears. It is much smaller but functions much in the same way; push it in to turn the overdrive on, push it again to release it and turn the overdrive off.

How do you use the overdrive button on a Toyota?

Try clicking the overdrive button. By forcing the car into third gear, your engine will gain more toque and thereby be better able to accelerate past the other car. Press the button when entering the expressway.

What to do when your car won’t shift into overdrive?

Turn the overdrive off after coming to a complete stop. Check to see if the light remains on or if it goes off when the overdrive is off. Drive forward again to check if your vehicle continues to shift in the same manner as the previous test, reaching 4,000 to 5,000 RPMs before shifting gears.

What are the parts in the Toyota FWD overhaul kit?

DTSBKXXXWS Kit s (FWD): Main case bearings, gaskets, seals and Syncro Rings. Order the following items separately nuts, dogs & wires, thrust bearings, extension housing bushing, small parts kit, shifter bushings however miscellaneous parts will vary by transmission.

How does the lockout button work on a Toyota?

When pressed, you will usually see a light appear on the dashboard that says “O/D off.” The button works as a toggle. Thus, pressing it once activates the O/D lockout.