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How do I setup my comtrend 9020?

How do I setup my comtrend 9020?

3.2 Device Connection

  1. In this case, we use the example of a personal computer (PC). Turn on your PC (or other device).
  2. Plug a PowerGrid 9020 unit into the power socket closest to the PC.
  3. Connect the PowerGrid 9020 to the computer with an Ethernet cable.
  4. The STATUS LED on the PowerGrid 9020 should now be GREEN or ORANGE.

How do you connect comtrend?

Connect the PowerGrid 9141s unit to the LAN port of the modem/router with an Ethernet (RJ-45) cable. Wait 10 seconds for the PowerGrid’s Ethernet LED and Power LED to light up GREEN indicating a stable connection.

How to RESET comtrend Powerline adapters?

(1) Do a hard reset by holding the Config Reset Button down for about 10 seconds (the amber AP light starts to flash but keep the button pressed until it stops flashing) then release button. You get 1 red light on (Status) once reset is finished.

What is the user manual for the comtrend Powergrid 9020?

This user manual provides details concerning the installation, configuration and application of COMTREND Corporation’s PowerGrid 9020 Powerline adapter. The PowerGrid 9020 extends Ethernet (10/100M) networks over internal power lines.

How to use comtrend pg9020 starter kit?

Comtrend’s PG9020 starter kit, supplied in pairs, comes ready to use; the Powerlines adapters are paired in our factory so they will recognize each other, which makes setup this easy: 1. Plug both PG9020 adapters into an electrical socket a. One next your router (or modem) b. One next to the device you will connect to your network 2.

What kind of plug do I need for comtrend powerline?

Comtrend Powerline adapters are the first ones in the UK market to bring a fully BS1363 certified female plug; so choosing a Comtrend Powerline PG9020 means you can still safely use your electrical outlet. 4 How to install the PowerGrid 9020

What does the powergrid 902 AC filter do?

The PowerGrid 902 is the firstof its kind to incorporate an AC filterwith rear socket. It allows for the connection of the adapter to the electrical grid of a home without depriving the user of a single power outlet. The PowerGrid 902 is the physical link between Powerline and Ethernet (10/100M) networks.