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How do I see feedback on a specific item on eBay?

How do I see feedback on a specific item on eBay?

To read an eBay seller’s feedback comments, go to the seller’s Feedback Profile by clicking the feedback number (beside the seller’s user ID in the Seller Info box) when you visit an auction/item page.

How do I see seller feedback on eBay?

To view a seller’s detailed seller ratings, select the number in brackets next to their username to go to their feedback profile. You’ll find stars next to the 4 different areas, with 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest.

Can I see feedback on eBay app?

To see your feedback in the Ebay app you need to click on the hamburger menu in the upper left hand corner of the homepage. From there you click on your username then profile. You should see the text “See All Feedback “ once you click on that, all of your seller feedback will be shown.

Why can’t I see reviews on eBay?

A review may not show on your item for one of two reasons. First, your item may not be eligible for review. Second, a review may not have been provided by a buyer. eBay prompts buyers to be the first to write products reviews.

How do you give feedback on eBay?

On your my eBay page, scroll down and on the left side you will see the Shortcuts heading. You will see a Leave Feedback link, which will take you to your pending Feedback list. Click the Community→Announcements link, in the main navigation bar, and then click eBay Feedback Forum.

How to leave appropriate feedback on eBay?

Go to Orders in Seller Hub or Sold in My eBay.

  • then select Leave Feedback.
  • then select Leave Feedback.
  • Where is feedback on eBay?

    You can find feedback links on the Feedback Forum and the My eBay page (you’ll see a “Leave feedback” option next to each bought or sold item), and these links take you directly to a page where you can view all of the transactions still awaiting feedback. Select the “Positive” check box,…

    How do you leave multiple feedback on eBay?

    You can leave Feedback for several items at a time, or do it one by one. Go to Orders in Seller Hub or Sold in My eBay. Choose the item(s), then select Leave Feedback. Select Positive and enter a comment, then select Leave Feedback.