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How do I make a complaint about a GI?

How do I make a complaint about a GI?

Before you file a request for redress or an Article 138, we suggest that you call the GI Rights Hotline at 877-447-4487.

How do I report a violation to the UCMJ?

The Army requires that the complaint is filed with the “complainant’s immediate superior commissioned officer.” A complaint in the Navy or Marine Corps must be submitted “via the chain of command, including the respondent.” Before reaching the general court-martial convening authority, an intermediate officer “to whom …

What is an Article 138 complaint?

An Article 138 complaint is a process by which you can attempt to remedy a wrong committed against you by your commanding officer. Generally, an Article 138 complaint can be used any time you feel a commanding officer has committed a wrong against you.

What is Article 1126 of the US Navy regulations?

Correction of Naval Records. 1, Any milibmy record in the Department of the Navy may be correctccf hy the Secretary of the Navy, acting through the Board for Correction of Naval Records, when the Secretary considers that such action should be taken in order to correct an error or to remove an injustice.

Where to file a grievance under navregs article 1150?

To file a grievance under NAVREGS article 1150, the individual should obtain counsel with a lawyer at a local Naval Legal Services Office (NLSO). 3. UCMJ Article 138, Complaint of Wrongs against the Commanding Officer

What are the regulations of the US Navy?

OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY wASHINGTON, D.C. 20390.1000 14 September 1990 The following Regulations are issued in accordance with the provisions of Title 10, United States Code, Section 6011, for the government of all persons in the Department of the Navy. All regulations, orders and instructions inconsistent with these Regulations are hereby revoked.

How to file a complaint with the Navy Inspector General?

Any member who is not able to receive resolution for their grievance may contact the Navy Inspector General (IG) hotline at (800) 522-3451. The member may use this hotline to file a complaint. All Sailors are advised of their right to contact their elected official at any time.

When to report a grievance against a commanding officer?

If the resolution from the grievance under NAVREGS Article 1150 is considered unjust by the complainant, or if the grievance is against the Commanding Officer, an individual may submit a report against the Commanding Officer under UCMJ Article 138.