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How do I look up a family case in California?

How do I look up a family case in California?

If you do not know the case number, you may create an online account and pay a fee to look it up using the court’s public case access system, or you may call us at 916-875-3400.

Are divorces heard in family court?

In 2015 almost 15,000 such cases involving 42,000 children. But the Family Court also deals with family disputes between individuals. Divorce is a classic example. The Family Court can settle questions of who is entitled to what after a marriage or civil partnership ends.

Who are the judges in Santa Clara County?

Santa Clara County Judges adopt San Jose’s Grant Elementary School for the Court’s annual participation in Read Across America. Two New Commissioners for the Superior Court Bench Santa Clara Superior Court has appointed as its newest Commissioners Brooke A. Blecher and Benjamin W. Williams.

How to contact family court services in California?

Family Court Services has information about programs and classes offered regarding custody mediation. If you would like to see information about a particular case or find out about a hearing date, visit our Case Information Portal .

How does the Superior Court in Santa Clara County work?

The Superior Court in Santa Clara County serves the public by providing equal justice for all in a fair, accessible, effective, efficient, and courteous manner: by resolving disputes under the law; by applying the law consistently, impartially and independently; and by instilling public trust and confidence in the Court.

How to contact Superior Court of California online?

If you are a Justice Partner who does not have access to our new Portal, please send an email to [email protected] with your request. The Court is currently developing a module that will provide authenticated Attorney access to court case files that should be available for use before 4/30/2021.