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How do I get more stones in Smurfs Village?

How do I get more stones in Smurfs Village?

Uncounted stones stones Miner smurf (The smurfs village) medium moss coated rocks can increase a player’s experience points to the max. Answer from: pc. Buy all rafts on the island and do the stone quests – 2 each 24 hrs for a total of 10/day. And use all smurfs to dig on the.

How to get resources in Smurf village?

Tap Scaredy Smurf once a day when it is dark in the village, to collect xp. Tap Handy’s Hut or Architect’s Hut once you find Handy’s blueprints to customize your huts using wood, stone, and dye. Collect these resources from Timber, Miner, and Marco. There could be other ways to earn resources too!

How do you dig on the mountain in Smurfs Village?

In the special area of the build menu on the mountain, you can buy for 200 gold a normal shovel to dig for items on the mountain, or use 2 smurfberries for a gold shovel. A normal shovel takes 30 minutes to complete, while a gold one takes 5 seconds.

How do you get dye in Smurfs Village?

How do I collect dye?

  1. Answer from: Galina. If you unlock the island you must build raft house and send rufts for search a dye in the end of menu rafts house you will see trip for dye.
  2. Answer from: Xu. The archeological hat has an option to dig something (ind.Dye).
  3. Answer from: Lexaldridge.

How do I get wood in Smurfs Village?

Timber Smurfs hut is unlocked at level 7 and costs 300 gold in the main village. Timber Smurf gives XP and wood every 24 hours, the amount of XP and wood can be increesed by placing logs next to it.

How do you get stardust in Smurf Village?

How do you get stardust in Smurf Village?

  1. Digging Craters on Planet (good amount of stardust every 30 minutes)
  2. Camper Smurf’s Mini-game.
  3. Archeologist Smurf’s game.
  4. Magican Smurf’s hut. (
  5. Homnibus Tome – Good amount daily.
  6. Pirate Smurf mini-game (occasional low amount)

How do I get my Smurfs Village back?

Every 24 hours, your game also creates a Recovery/Restore Point, which can be found by going into the Smurfs’ Village Menu > Settings Tab > My Account > Local Save.

What is the fastest way to get money in Smurfs Village?

Earning coins

  1. Harvesting crops (see Crops for full details)
  2. Sending out Rafts (see Rafts for full details)
  3. Playing Miner Smurf’s Mining Game or Miner Smurf’s Cart Game.
  4. Playing Marina’s Underwater Game.
  5. Digging on theMountain Top.
  6. Digging up Crates from Craters on the Swoof Planet.
  7. Collecting from Butterflies or Ladybugs.

How do you store huts in Smurfs skyscraper?

Use the move tool to select huts you would like to store. Then use the arrow button to place them in storage. Upgrade your stored huts by tapping on your Condo to view them, then tap on the mushroom icon to add upgrades. Use the Smurf Condos to open up lots of smurfy extra space in your village!

How many levels are there in Smurfs Village?

Our new max Level is 128!

How do I get smurfberries?

The following is a list of the different ways smurfberries can be earned:

  1. Real money purchase by in-game microtransactions.
  2. Can be collected from the Smurfberry Bush (Costs real money)
  3. Gifts from Marco Smurf or Jokey Smurf.
  4. Random treasure from digging on the Mountain.
  5. Random treasure from digging on the Swoof Planet.

Can I play Smurfs Village on two devices?

Please note: Your Smurf ID can only be linked to one platform at a time. For example, this means you cannot create the ID on an iOS device, and then use it to log in to an Android device and recover your Cloud Save.