Users' questions

How do I download IGV?

How do I download IGV?

Download IGV Download the IGV desktop application and igvtools. Note that the IGV-Web application at runs in a web browser and requires no downloads. Click on the Help link in the app for more information.

What is the type of information integrated in the genome viewer?

IGV allows researchers to visualize many different types of genomic data together, including NGS data, variant calls, microarray data and genome annotations. Importantly, it also supports integrating metadata, such as clinical, phenotypic and other attribute information.

How do you zoom in IGV?

Click the “home” icon to zoom out to the whole-genome view. From the whole-genome view, zoom to a chromosome by clicking its label.

Is there a user guide for the Integrative Genomics Viewer?

This guide describes the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV). Look at a printer-friendly HTML version of the whole User Guide.

Where can I download the Integrated Genome Browser?

The main web page for IGB is located on the Affymetrix web site: IGB is also a part of the open source GenoViz project.

How to navigate the view of the genome?

Navigate the view of the genome and interpret the display of this data. Because NGS datasets are very large, it is often impossible or inefficient to read them entirely into a computer’s memory when searching for a specific piece of data.

How to create a custom genome in IgV?

Create a custom genome database (usually used for microbial genomes) or load a pre-existing genome assembly (usually used for the genomes of model organisms and higher Eukaryotes). Load output from mapping reads to a reference genome. Load output from calling genetic variants. Navigate the view of the genome and interpret the display of this data.