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How do I create a list of figures with captions in Word?

How do I create a list of figures with captions in Word?

First add captions to your figures, and then use the Insert Table of Figures command on the References tab. Word then searches the document for your captions and automatically adds a list of figures, sorted by page number.

How do I Caption figures in Word?

Click on the figure or table where you want the caption to appear. On the References tab, click the Insert Caption button. In the Caption window, in the Label menu, select the label Figure or Table. In the Position menu, select where you want the caption to appear.

What is a short figure caption?

Figures are visuals such as charts, graphs, photos, drawings, and maps. Figures are normally identified by the capitalized word Figure and a number followed by a caption. A caption is a short block of text that gives information about the figure.

How do I style a list of figures in Word?

Click in your document where you want to insert the table of figures. On the Insert menu, click Index and Tables, and then click the Table of Figures tab. Click Options, and then select the Style check box. On the Style pop-up menu, click the style name that is used for the figure captions, and then click OK.

What does it mean to write a caption for a figure?

A caption is a short block of text that gives information about the figure. The following seven tips explain how to write figure captions in your book, article, or research paper. Although closely related, tables aren’t considered figures. See “How to Write Table Titles” for more information.

Can a caption be added to a table?

You can add captions to figures, equations, or other objects. A caption is a numbered label, such as “Figure 1”, that you can add to a figure, a table, an equation, or another object. It’s comprised of customizable text (“Figure”, “Table”, “Equation” or something else that you type) followed by an ordered number or letter (“1, 2, 3…”.

How do you put a caption on a Word document?

Select your caption then hold down the shift key and select your figure. Right click on either item and choose Group > Group. Now text should flow around your figure and caption as expected, and the figure and caption will stay together if you move them somewhere else on the page or in the document.

How do you add captions to floating objects?

Tip: If you want to be able to move the figure and caption as one object, or wrap text around the figure and caption, follow the instructions for adding captions to floating objects below. Select the object (table, equation, figure, or another object) that you want to add a caption to.