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How do I contact Jes Staley?

How do I contact Jes Staley?

If you are looking for prompt revert to your queries, you can call Barclays Headquarters on this number: 44-20-7116-1000. To contact Barclays CEO Jes Staley, you can email him. Please note down the official Barclays CEO Email Address: [email protected]

Where is Jes Staley based?

Boston, Massachusetts
In 2013 he moved to BlueMountain Capital, and in December 2015, became CEO of Barclays….

Jes Staley
Born James Edward Staley December 27, 1956 Boston, Massachusetts, US
Nationality American
Education Bowdoin College (BA)
Occupation Group CEO, Barclays

How much does Jes Staley earn?

Barclays has paid its chief executive, Jes Staley, £4m and handed larger bonuses to its bankers despite a 30% drop in annual profits during the Covid crisis.

Who is chief executive of Barclays Bank?

Jes Staley (Dec 1, 2015–)
LONDON, July 28 (Reuters) – Barclays’ long-running Chief Executive Jes Staley has said he plans to be in the job “a couple more years”, after the bank reported a near-quadrupling of half-year profits on Wednesday.

What was the name of Jes Staley’s father?

Early life. Staley was born on December 27, 1956 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father, Paul R. Staley, was president and CEO of PQ Corporation, a chemicals company, who eventually settled the family outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His grandfather, Edward Staley, was the top executive of W.T.

Why was Jes Staley investigated by the FCA?

In May 2017, “email prankster” James Linton began his spree with Staley pranked with an acrostic alluding to the whistleblower affair. In February 2020 the FCA announced an investigation into whether Staley was “fit and proper” to lead Barclays, due to concerns over his previous disclosures of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

How much does Jes Staley get Paid per share?

Staley has bought 2.8m shares in Barclays at 233p – the lowest price at which they have traded since January. Barclays has a policy that directors should own shares worth four times their salaries, which Staley has now achieved, as his salary currently amounts to £1.2m.

When did Jes Staley become CEO of Barclays?

However, on 28 October 2015, it was announced that Staley would become group chief executive of Barclays, effective 1 December 2015. To avoid any conflicts of interest, UBS accepted his resignation from all of his functions at UBS with immediate effect.