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How do I code a Vespa key?

How do I code a Vespa key?

How to code your spare Vespa/Piaggio Key

  1. Put your brown key into the ignition.
  2. Turn it on and then off (within 3 seconds).
  3. Put the blue key to be programmed in the ignition.
  4. Turn it on and then off (also within 3 seconds).
  5. If you have additional blue keys, repeat step 3 and 4 for the rest of those blue keys.

What is a Vespa key?

Keys for modern Vespa scooters have an RF (radio frequency) transponder in them that is read by the scooter in order to deactivate the immobilizer. It’s not enough simply to have a key cut to the same pattern, as you would with ordinary keys.

How do I reset my ECU Vespa?

Recently I came across this thread in Modern Vespa. “disconnect battery leave for a minute, reconnect battery, start scooter and let it IDLE for 10 minutes minimum, this will reset the ECU and fuelling setting, engine revs may rise and fall during the idling this is where the ECU is finding the optimum setting.”

Is there a problem with the Vespa transponder key?

If you are having trouble with your Piaggio immobiliser or Vespa immobiliser or Vespa ECU or Piaggio ECU the PDF link below is a brilliant guide to help you diagnose the problem. The Vespa transponder key and Piaggio transponder key are very expensive so look after them.

Where can I buy a Vespa Blue Key?

You have TWO options. It’s really easy to purchase, cut, and program additional Blue keys. You can purchase the original Vespa Blue key 573426 or an aftermarket Blue key KB10 for all the models that use the conventional looking key OR purchase 624440 , KB15, or 621306 for the models that use the “Sidewinder” style of key.

Do you need a programmed key for a Piaggio?

The majority of Vespa and Piaggio keys are chipped and need to be programmed in order for them to work correctly. All Vespa/Piaggio models except the following require a programmed and chipped key: ET2, LX50, Vespa S50/150, Fly 50, Typhoon 50/125, and some Fly 150s.

What kind of key do I need for Honda scooter?

Sell, cut, and duplicate keys for most brands of scooters: HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, APRILIA, GENUINE, SYM, KYMCO, and CHINESE SCOOTERS. (We’ll need a functioning original key)