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How do I change Excel from Na to blank?

How do I change Excel from Na to blank?

Click on “Special” option at the bottom left corner and select the blank, press OK. It will show you all the cells in your selection with blank. Now press F2, enter “NA” and press Ctrl+Enter to populate all the blank cells with NA.

How do I blank out a value in Excel?

Click the Layout & Format tab, and then do one or more of the following: Change error display Select the For error values show check box under Format. In the box, type the value that you want to display instead of errors. To display errors as blank cells, delete any characters in the box.

How do I get rid of Na error in Excel?

To fix this, make sure that the range referenced by the array formula has the same number of rows and columns as the range of cells in which the array formula was entered, or enter the array formula into fewer or more cells to match the range reference in the formula.

How check if Excel is empty?

Excel ISBLANK Function

  1. Summary. The Excel ISBLANK function returns TRUE when a cell is empty, and FALSE when a cell is not empty. For example, if A1 contains “apple”, ISBLANK(A1) returns FALSE.
  2. Test if a cell is empty.
  3. A logical value (TRUE or FALSE)
  4. =ISBLANK (value)
  5. value – The value to check.

How do you make zero in Excel?

To make a zero appear as a dash in Excel you: Highlight the cells you want to change Click on Format Cells Choose the Accounting format Set your number of decimals and choose the currency symbol (which includes an option of None if you don’t want one) Click OK.

How do I ignore a blank cell in Excel?

To ignore a formula or don’t calculate if the specific cell is blank in Excel, we need to check the specific cell is blank or not with IF function, if it’s not blank, we can go ahead to calculate with original formula. =IF(Specific Cell<>,Original Formula,)

How to display blank if sum is zero in Excel?

Display blank cell if sum is zero with formula. You can use the following formula to display blank cell if the summation is zero instead of applying the Sum function directly, please do as follows: Enter this formula: =IF (SUM (A1:A3)=0,””,SUM (A1:A3)) into a blank cell where you want to calculate total result, and then drag the fill handle right to apply this formulas to other cells, then you will get blank cells if the summation are zeros, see screenshot:

How do you count non – blank cells in Excel?

1. Select the range with non-blank cells you want to count, then click Kutools > Select > Select Unblank Cells. See screenshot: 2. Then a dialog box pops up to tell you how many nonblank cells in selected range, please click the OK button, and then these nonblank cells are selected immediately. See screenshot: