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Does Yashiro prove innocence?

Does Yashiro prove innocence?

It aired on October 25, 2012. After finally convincing Kuroh to let him prove his innocence, Yashiro Isana starts scavenging around the school’s databases for any recorded logs about him that he can use to prove himself.

Does Yashiro have any powers?

Through this Aura, Yashiro is granted the power over gravity manipulation where he could levitate himself or anyone he has synced his Aura with.As the Silver King he gets few other powers as well such as invulnerability, immortality, and an enhanced intelligence.

Who is Kuroh Yatogami in the K Project?

Kuroh Yatogami (夜刀神 狗朗, Yatogami Kuroh) is the former vassal of the deceased Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa and currently a Clansman of the Silver King, Yashiro Isana . Kuroh is a young man with long, black hair and blue eyes. His hair is tied into a ponytail and his bangs are swept away except for strands of hair falling in his face.

What kind of clothes does Kuroh Yatogami wear?

Some time after the Ashinaka Island Incident, Kuroh lets his hair down where it pasts his shoulders. He wears a black sleeved shirt with a bluish-grey infinite scarf. Over this, he wears a long, dark blue hooded jacket with darker blue stripes on the sleeves’ end and on the hem.

How is Yashiro able to get along with everyone?

Yashiro is able to get along with almost everyone, whether it is people or animals or robots. He is kindhearted and is very open about his feelings to everyone. A positive side to his weird personality is that others easily trust him–but the negative side is that he trusts his life to total strangers as well.

Why does Kuroh hold Yashiro by the collar?

Kuroh holds up Yashiro by the collar. He prepares a stance, ready to kill Yashiro, but the latter begins to run away. Kuroh catches him with his ability and suspends him in the air. Yashiro argues that he is not the man he’s after and that he is innocent. Kuroh lets go of him and begins holding him from the ground with his own arm.