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Does USPS ship live birds?

Does USPS ship live birds?

You Must Use Priority Mail Express to Ship Birds with USPS Therefore, the only option you’ll have for shipping birds out of all the USPS mail classes is Priority Mail Express.

How much does it cost to ship live birds USPS?

The Live Animal Transportation fee is charged $0.20 per pound of Day Old Poultry. It is charged when day-old poultry is shipped, by air, at: Priority Mail Express® prices to Zones 5-9. Priority Mail® prices to Zones 5-9.

How can I ship a bird to another state?

Mailing Birds: Ship Birds in Live Shipping Boxes from USA

  1. 1) Choose a delivery service and check their restrictions.
  2. 2) Check any restrictions on the deliveries for hard to reach locations.
  3. 3) Get a shipping box or bird travel carrier.
  4. 4) Prepare the travel cage or live shipping box.
  5. 5) Prepare your bird.

Can you send live animals via USPS?

Live animals must be transported without food or water, because liquids, moisture, and loose foodstuffs can cause damage to the shipping container, other mail, and Postal Service equipment during transport. Mailers are urged to work with postmasters in providing advance notification of shipments of live animals.

Where can I buy a bird shipping box?

Welcome to Horizon Micro-Environments, LLC. Horizon Micro-Environments, LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bird shipping boxes since 1989 and is located in Crawford, GA. Our patented box designs meet all US Postal regulations and requirements for shipping Live Birds anywhere in the United States.

Can You ship live birds to the USPS?

Believe it or not, you can ship live birds and poultry with the United States Postal Service. However, there are quite a few guidelines you’ll need to follow when doing so.

How do you send a bird to the post office?

All you need to do is purchase a postage label with shipping software, print it off, attach it to your box, and drop your box off at the Post Office. If you don’t want to leave your birds with the clerk behind the counter, you can also schedule a time for a postal worker to pick up your package.

Can a pigeon be delivered in a box?

We own more than 750 pigeons ourselves, so we understand the importance of quality care and safety when we ship our boxes to you. Our boxes will provide assurance that your birds will be delivered safely with durable construction and design.