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Does TNA Wrestling still exist?

Does TNA Wrestling still exist?

In March 2013, TNA began taping Impact from different venues around the United States and terminated its lease with Universal Studios. From the period of 2013 to 2014, many well-known names or veterans of the company left TNA. Hulk Hogan’s contract with TNA expired in October 2013 and he returned to WWE in early 2014.

Why did Brian Cage leave impact?

RVD attacked Daga, and it became a new match. After the pay-per-view, Cage revealed his Impact Wrestling contract had expired, ending his tenure with the company. Cage also revealed he would be taking time off from wrestling to undergo surgery for an injury.

What is Brian Cage real name?

Brian Christopher Button
Brian Cage/Full name

How did Brian Cage get interested in wrestling?

Cage’s love of professional wrestling and desire to be a wrestler began with watching it on television as a kid. During those early year Cage became friends with the late Chris Kanyon following a show that was held in Sacramento at Arco Arena where he made a sign that Kanyon noticed.

What’s the name of the female wrestler in TNA?

Dauncey would make her presence known to fans when she helped the team of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defeated America’s Most Wanted for the NWA TNA World Tag Team Titles at Slammiversary 2006. She would soon be given the name of ‘Sirelda’ but she also had a nickname “The Neutralizer”.

What was the name of the TNA Lockdown event?

TNA Lockdown. Lockdown is an annual television special and former professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event promoted every spring by the American professional wrestling promotion Impact Wrestling (formerly Total Nonstop Action Wrestling), was considered one of the flagship Pay-per-views in the company,…

How many cage matches are there in lockdown?

Originally, Lockdown was to have only two cage matches to highlight the name, but soon after the premise was changed to feature every match with a cage format. With the exception of the 2005 and 2006 events, the show has been held outside the Impact Zone.