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Does pinguecula go away?

Does pinguecula go away?

Pingueculae do not go away on their own and do not require treatment in most cases. However, they can become inflamed (pingueculitis), during which they may appear red, swollen, or larger in size.

How do you get rid of pterygium?

The pterygium surgical procedure is fairly quick and low risk: Your doctor will sedate you and numb your eyes to prevent discomfort during surgery. They will then clean the surrounding areas. Your doctor will remove the pterygium along with some associated conjunctiva tissue.

What causes pterygium?

Exposure to excessive amounts of ultra-violet (UV) light is thought to be the most significant cause of pterygia. This more common occurs in people living in sunny areas and in people whose jobs expose them to UV light (eg: farmers, fishermen, arc welders).

How is pinguecula treated?

Pinguecula treatment may involve eye drops for minor cases or surgical removal for more serious conditions that may affect the vision. Our doctors prescribe medical-strength eye drops and ointments when necessary and use the safest and most advanced surgical methods when surgery is required.

What’s the difference between a pinguecula and a pterigio?

La pingüécula es un crecimiento amarillento en la conjuntiva. Suele localizarse en el lado del ojo más cercano a la nariz, aunque puede suceder en el lado opuesto. La pingüécula es un depósito de proteína, grasa o calcio. El pterigión es un crecimiento de tejido carnoso (compuesto de vasos sanguíneos) que puede comenzar como una pingüécula.

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What does pterygium stand for in medical terms?

Pterygium, also known as Surfer’s Eye, is a benign eye growth that covers the white part of the eye (also known as the sclera).

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