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Does Optiplex 7010 support 3 monitors?

Does Optiplex 7010 support 3 monitors?

Symptoms. Some users may report issues when trying to get three displays to work on the OptiPlex 7010 or 9010 through the Intel HD 4000 Integrated Video solution. Intel and Dell documentation state that the integrated HD 4000 video solution is able to support three displays natively.

How do I connect 3 monitors to my Dell computer?

Connect one end of a DisplayPort cable to the APR and the other end of the cable to a DisplayPort LCD Display. Connect and plug in the LCD displays power cable, turn on the LCD Display and place it where you want. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for your other DisplayPort LCD display.

Does Dell Optiplex 7010 support dual monitors?

Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Desktop Business PC Bundle with Dual (2) Dell FHD Monitors, Wireless Keyboard & Wireless Mouse, Gel Mousepad for Home Offices and Business Professionals!

How to connect 3 monitors on an Optiplex 7010-dell?

12-12-2013 04:48 PM Optiplex 7010 has two display ports and one VGA. What I did is plug two active DP–>DVI adapters, one in each DP port, and the third screen in the VGA port. This worked for me.

Which is Intel chipset in Dell Optiplex 7010?

I stumbled upon an article from one of the engineers that had a lot of input into the overall design/programming of the Intel chipsets that are in the Dell OptiPlex 7010’s with the HD 4000/2500 integrated cards.

How many displays can you put on a Dell 7010?

According to the below document, the HD2500 that comes with the 7010 will support a maximum of 2 displays. I had a chat with the creator of the document and he informed me he physically attempted trying to get 3 displays to work with the HD2500 that comes in the 7010.

What kind of DisplayPort adapter do I need for AMD 7010?

Hi Ben, assuming that the system you have is using the AMD Radeon card (I see several configurations of the 7010) you should be able to get three displays working with an active DisplayPort adapter.