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Does Howard use Blackboard?

Does Howard use Blackboard?

Click BLACKBOARD on the Howard homepage or go directly to Type your username (your 8-digit Bison Web ID without the @) and your BisonWeb password. Blackboard is designed to work cross-platform, so it’s okay to use a Mac computer.

Does Howard have a student portal?

Welcome to MyHC, the Howard College student portal. Please login above to access your information. If you have any questions or problems with your login or MyHC, please contact: Big Spring – 432 264-5055 or [email protected].

What college is in Big Springs Texas?

Howard College
Southwest College for the Deaf
Big Spring/Colleges and Universities

How to contact blackboard at Howard College?

If you need help during regular office hours contact [email protected]. If you need after-hours / weekend assistance contact [email protected]. Password – Initial password will be capital H, small case c, plus your nine-digit HC student ID.

What makes a successful eLearning student at Howard College?

Successful eLearning students often demonstrate an extra measure of dedication and perseverance. These students typically learn to learn independently, utilizing available tools within various learning environments, such as Howard College’s Blackboard Learning system. Am I ready for online or hybrid courses at HC?

Is there an online orientation for Blackboard students?

Individual Self-Paced Online Orientations: All Blackboard students will have access to the online student orientation video links on Blackboard’s YouTube Channel as well as access to the Blackboard Student Orientation Course.

What is the student ID for Howard College?

You will find our staff and faculty are readily available to assist you to assure that you have a positive experience while attending Howard College. You have no incoming announcements. Username: First letter of your first name, plus your full last name, plus the first four digits of your HC student ID.