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Does Armed Forces Radio still exist?

Does Armed Forces Radio still exist?

The American Forces Network (AFN) is a government television and radio broadcast service the U.S. military provides to those stationed or assigned overseas….American Forces Network.

Logo of AFN
Founded 26 May 1942 (as the Armed Forces Radio Service)
Owner Independent (1942-1980) United States Armed Forces (1942-present)

Is AFN available in the US?

AFN also produces internet radio services: AFN 360 Europe serves American bases in 15 countries, AFN 360 Pacific serves American bases in 3 countries, and AFN 360 Global programs broadcast to bases worldwide and outside the U.S.

How do I listen to AFN?

To listen, click on the logo of the station you’d like to hear, and the player will appear in a pop-up window. (You may have to disable your pop-up blocker if the player doesn’t appear.) Click on the logo below to listen to your favorite AFN Global Audio Service.

Can I watch AFN on my phone?

The AFN Pacific Mobile App takes the best features from and rolls them into a mobile experience that is a must for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It makes access to your information easy. Instantly get the latest news, weather, exchange rates, gas prices, AFN TV schedules and more wherever you are.

What branch of military was first equipped with radio?

AARS was created in November 1925 by a few dedicated pioneers in the United States Army Signal Corps led by Captain Thomas C. Rives. The United States recognized radio as a critical mode of communication during World War I.

Can you watch AFN online?

AFN Radio is available via the AFN360 internet and mobile app at

Is AFN available online?

AFN schedules are available online at

How can I get an AFN at home?

There are two primary methods to get the equipment. Cable: If you’re stationed at an overseas command that has cable television you will get one or more AFN channels over your local television cable.. This is often available in family housing and single service member’s barracks on-post.

How much does an AFN decoder cost?

A digital receiver/decoder for this purpose costs about $370, or can be rented for $18 a month and a dish can cost about $100. Check with the Exchange Power Zones.

Does the military use ham radios?

The program is a civilian auxiliary consisting primarily of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in assisting the military with communications on a regional and national level when access to traditional forms of communication may no longer be available….Military Auxiliary Radio System.

Abbreviation MARS
Region served Worldwide

Who owns the radio stations in America?

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Owner Rank Total Stations*
iHeartMedia, Inc. 1 858
Cumulus Media, Inc. 2 429
Townsquare Media 3 321
Entercom 4 235

Is AFN free in Germany?

Basic AFN programming will continue to be provided free to people living in Air Force-operated military family housing on Kapaun, Landstuhl, Ramstein and Vogelweh, all in the Kaiserslautern area, Ramstein officials said earlier this year.