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Do you have to grease MOOG sway bar links?

Do you have to grease MOOG sway bar links?

While MOOG greaseable parts come greased from the factory, they should also be greased at the time of installation to fill the dust boot and lubricate the interface between the boot and mating part.

Are Moog end links good?

Across the web people say Moog sway bar links are the best. They are much heavier than the OEMs, that’s all I can say for now. Such a nice upgrade for a reasonable price!

Do you need end links for sway bars?

End links serve as a connection between your vehicle’s sway bar (anti-roll bar) and the vehicle’s suspension. Whenever you change a vehicle’s ride height, the suspension geometry changes and in order to correct the angles that are changed, shortened or adjustable end links may be needed.

What type of grease to use on tie rod ends?

Grease – Always use the suggested grease or a Heavy Duty Lithium Synthetic or Marine grease. These types of grease handle the stress of constant use and will repel water.

Are Moog stabilizer links pre greased?

Moog Problem Solver: K80066 The OE designs of the front sway bar end link in the 2000-2010 Focus’ are not serviceable-meaning they cannot be greased. Since they are not serviceable they are prone to premature wear due to intrusion. The metal ball stud corrodes quickly and abrades the bearing surface.

What kind of grease is best for ball joints?

Important Ball Joint Grease Specifications

  • Best Grease for Water Resistance: Sta-Lube SL3121.
  • Best Grease for Temperature Stability: Triax RED SPHERON HT-2.
  • Best Grease for Load/Pressure Resistance: Lucas Oil 100005 Red ‘N’ Tacky.
  • Best Grease for Longevity: Lucas Oil 10005 Red ‘N’ Tack.

Can a Moog sway bar link be replaced?

Serving as the OE replacement and the most economical version, Moog’s rubber end links will act as a direct replacement for the stock end links on your vehicle. The rubber end links are easy to assemble and provide cushion to absorb vibration and noise from the sway bar to the control arm. This is an OE replacement part not a performance part.

What are the dimensions of a Moog sway bar?

Here you will find the specifications and dimensions for all of the Moog’s sway bar end links in our database. We have provided the dimensions of each sway bar end link and it’s material in the table below. Moog uses three materials for their links:

Which is the best end link for a sway bar?

Tougher and a little harder, thermoplastic end links are resistant to oils, salt, ozone, weather and can absorb substantial loads. During installation, the suspension may have to be compressed to complete the install. Moog’s polyurethane end links have very little give and thus give the best overall performance boost.

What kind of end links do Moog use?

The next step up in performance and durability is Moog’s Thermoplastic end links. These end links are made of thermoplastic and provide additional handling benefits over the traditional rubber. The thermoplastic end links are very durable and will last longer than OE rubber end links.