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Do they make slugs for a 28 gauge?

Do they make slugs for a 28 gauge?

Perfect Slug For Young Hunters: The moderate recoil makes the 28 GA to a perfect slug for young hunters who will be introduced to slug shooting. It´s sweet but it is no lightweight! Our 28 GA is a multi talent: small game, home defense and all around shooting. Just try and have fun!

Can you put any scope on a slug gun?

Registered. You can absolutely use a riflescope on your slug gun. I would recommend that you use a little bit better of a scope than a traditional Tasco or something in that range.

What’s the range of a slug gun scope?

Slug guns have a limited range, further than a shotgun but not quite like a real rifle. A slug gun scope should be designed for medium ranges, around 200 yards, a bit further for the pros out there. This means the optics should be of low to moderate power. Anything too powerful and you risk the reticle now properly aligning for further shots.

Which is the best 12 gauge slug gun optic?

The Simmons Pro Hunter is waterproof and dustproof and sealed nice and tight. Like any good slug gun optic, it is shockproof since every shot is essentially a shock to an optic with a 12 gauge slug gun. The optic is also fog proof for those early morning fogs.

Can a slug gun be used as a rifle?

The slug gun is a piece of art. It’s a prime example of why the shotgun is so versatile and beloved by serious hunters. A slug gun is just a shotgun that has been turned into a rifle. Like any good hunting rifle, a slug gun can benefit from a solid scope. But not any scope will do for a slug gun the scope should be tough as nails.

Which is the best scope for slugs and Buckshot?

The XLT Trophy circle derives its name from its interesting and handy reticle. This is a cross hair inside a crosshair. The scope can be used for slugs and buckshot. Buckshot uses just the circle whereas slugs are better suited for the internal crosshair.