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DO-254 tools qualify?

DO-254 tools qualify?

The purpose of tool assessment and qualification in DO-254 is to ensure that the tool is capable of performing the particular design or verification activity to an acceptable level of confidence for which the tool will be used.

DO-254 coding standards?

— The goal of DO-254 is to ensure that airborne electronic hardware (AEH) works reliably as specified, avoiding faulty operation and potential functional hazards. — DO-254 discusses the need for “Design Standards” and FAA Order 8110.105 takes this a step further, discussing the specific need for HDL coding standards.

DO-254 for FPGA?

The DO-254 standard requires that for the most stringent levels of compliance (levels A and B), the verification process for FPGAs and ASICs must measure and record the verification coverage by running tests on the device in its operational environment. …

What does DO-254 do for complex electronic hardware?

DO-254 segregates the various activities of the hardware life cycle for complex electronic hardware (CEH) into one of th ree processes: planning, development, and correctness. In parallel to these three processes is the verification and validation process.

Which is DO-254 compliant process for the FPGA designer?

This white paper focuses on the details of developing a DO-254 compliant process for the design of FPGAs. White Paper: XIlinx FPGAs WP401 (v1.0.1) March 7, 2012 DO-254 for the FPGA Designer By: Dagan White 2 WP401 (v1.0.1) March 7, 2012 DO-254 – The General DO-254 – The General

Is the DO-254 standard the same as the trademark?

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The standard that governs the design of avionic components and systems, DO -254, is one of the most poorly understood but widely applicable standards in the avionic industry.

Which is an example of a DO-254 scenario?

Some example scenarios are: • Self certify and submit without a DER: Very rare and only possible with system developers with extensive knowledge of DO-254 and aviation authority policy and a long history of safety. † Internal DER: Common in larger avionics companies with sufficient activity to justify the expenses.