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Can you use a 209A primer in a muzzleloader?

Can you use a 209A primer in a muzzleloader?

While I don’t have anything against the Federal 209A primers at all, the CCI 209M primers are what I personally use with Blackhorn 209 in my muzzleloaders. These are also great muzzleloader primers to use for reliable ignition with the other black powder substitutes.

What is the difference between 209 and 209A primers?

The 209a is a hotter primer than the must use the load data for the right primer application, The 209a will develope more pressure in place of the 209…go by the book!!!

What makes Federal Premium 209 muzzleloading primer so good?

The primers are designed to add a level of consistency to the classical-style firearms, making them even more reliable when the shooter heads afield. Designed to work in conjunction with Federal’s B.O.R. Lock MZ bullets, the 209 Muzzleloading Primer is formulated to resist moisture and provide a hot, reliable ignition.

What kind of primer is federal 209a shotshell?

Details Federal™ No. 209A Shotshell Primers are non-corrosive, all-weather, shotshell primers that deliver a fast, dependable ignition under any shooting situation. These primers deliver higher velocities plus increased accuracy. The 209 primers are perfect for trap shooting or use with your favorite muzzleloader.

What do you need to know about 209 ammo primer?

Formulated to resist moisture and provide a hot, reliable ignition, 209 Muzzleloading Primers aim to add consistency to muzzleloaders. Among the ranks of off-the-shelf ammo shooters, primers barely raise an eyebrow.

Can you use 209 primer on Blackhorn muzzleloader?

In fact, the folks that manufacture Blackhorn 209 specifically recommend NOT using 209 muzzleloading primers like these for most reliable ignition. There are two solutions to this problem: either use a hotter 209 primer (more on this in a second) or switch over to a Blackhorn compatible style breech plug.