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Can you homeschool in the military?

Can you homeschool in the military?

Military Homeschool Laws Homeschooling is legal in all U.S. states and state provinces. Additionally, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) homeschool guidance has been to apply this same right to all OCONUS bases. You’ll still follow the laws of the state where you’re living.

Does the military recognize homeschool diplomas?

Homeschool graduates can enlist in any branch of the armed services, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Marines, or Coast Guard. In fact, homeschool graduates are eligible to receive up to $40,000 in incentives for joining the military, just like any other student.

What are Virginia homeschool requirements?

Meet one of four criteria: i) Have a high school diploma. ii) Be a “teacher of qualifications prescribed by the Board of Education” (certified teacher) iii) Provide a program of study or curriculum which may be delivered through a correspondence course or distance learning program or in any other manner.

Can you play sports if your homeschooled?

The best states allow homeschoolers to participate in extracurricular activities and play on the sports teams of public schools. Ten states currently do not allow homeschoolers to participate in public school sports and extracurricular activities.

What are the requirements for homeschooling in Virginia?

Families who choose the most common option for homeschooling in Virginia (the Home Instruction Statute) must annually supply their local school division with evidence of academic progress. One method of covering the Virginia homeschool testing requirements is by having your child take a nationally normed standardized achievement test.

Are there any homeschool associations in the state of Virginia?

When you are still in the “research” phase of homeschooling, a state homeschool association can be an incredibly helpful resource. Virginia is fortunate enough to have two such organizations — one aimed primarily at faith-based families, and another with a more inclusive focus.

Do you need a drivers license to homeschool?

If you are road schoolers, you need to follow the state homeschooling laws from the state in which you have your driver’s license/vehicle registrations. Take proof that you have followed those laws along with you when traveling to other states.

When do you have to take your child to school in Virginia?

In accordance with § 22.1-254.1 (C) of the Code of Virginia, parents providing home instruction for the 2020-2021 school year must provide evidence of academic progress to their local school division by August 1, 2021.