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Can you free camp along the Great Ocean Road?

Can you free camp along the Great Ocean Road?

Can You Camp Along the Great Ocean Road? You can camp along the Great Ocean Road when you choose one of the campgrounds listed here. All offer free camping and some nice amenities that you can use on your trip, including access to water and clean restrooms.

Where can I camp along the Great Ocean Road?

The best camping sites along the Great Ocean Road

  1. Cumberland River Holiday Park. Just a short drive beyond the popular resort town of Lorne is this truly excellent camping spot.
  2. Jamieson’s Track Bush Campground.
  3. Eumeralla Scout Camp.
  4. Marengo Holiday Park.
  5. Kennett River Holiday Park.

Can you sleep in your car along Great Ocean Road?

Can I sleep in my car along the Great Ocean Road or at the beach? Unfortunately, no. There are many accommodation options for those on a budget, including the RV friendly 48 stop in Winchelsea plus many caravan parks and camping spots, each with their own set of requirements (some are even free!)

What beaches can you camp on for free?

Free Camping in NSW

  • Jacobs River campground. Jacobs River campground is a special spot, just a short drive from Jindabyne and Barry Way.
  • Black Swamp campground.
  • Toorooroo campground.
  • Jacky Barkers campground.
  • Tattersalls campground.
  • Mulloon Creek campground.

Where are the Free campsites on the Great Ocean Road?

1. Allenvale Mill Walk-in Bush Campground, Lorne The camping area is about 3 km beyond Lorne off Allendale Road on the banks of the St George River. This is a walk-in camping area, although it’s only a short walk to the campground (around 200 metres). No booking, no fees. Camping is on a first in, first served basis.

Where to go for free on the Ocean Road?

This is a lovely totally free camping site in Lorne, near Lorne on the Ocean Road It is unusual because the camping sites are just easily accessible by strolling the 200 metres or two along a well-surfaced track. Our only unfavorable about the outdoor camping location is that cars and trucks are neglected of view, making them vulnerable.

Where to camp near Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road?

If you’d like to support the communities directly you can also donate via the Red Cross or search for country fire departments across Australia and make donations directly. Stay safe and support our Australian regional communities. For those camping on the cheap, here are some great campsites we found near Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road.

Where to stay on the Great Ocean Road?

Another free place that lets you stay close to the Great Ocean Road is this campground. Located near where Big Hill Track meets the Lorne-Dean Marsh Road, it’s easy to find as you come from any direction. King parrots live here and welcome guests when they arrive to put them in the mood to explore the outdoors.