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Can the fluval spec be used for saltwater?

Can the fluval spec be used for saltwater?

The stock light for the SPEC V is not suitable for a saltwater tank and the EVO one is underpowered for anything except maybe some softies. Even then, they probably won’t thrive. So save the $40 and use it for a replacement light.

Does a nano reef tank need a filter?

A nano reef will need mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. That means sponge or filter wool to trap particles, ceramic media to provide a home for bacteria and carbon to chemically clean the water. Place it in a bag in the filter or better still put inside a nano sized media reactor.

Does fluval spec have a lid?

Attractive for the Spec: The Fluval Spec line of aquariums are rimless, with a nice clean edge of beveled glass at the top. The stock light, being attached to the end of the aquarium and not the lid, works the same with or without the top.

What does the Fluval Spec V fish tank do?

The Fluval Spec V aquarium tank also comes with a 3-stage filter which works like a “water conditioner,” letting your fish enjoy a cleaner environment with less work for you. Fluval has a history for making great filters and has included some great features in this small tank.

How does Fluval spec replacement carbon filter work?

The research grade carbon has large amounts of surface area for the adsorption of impurities. Fluval Spec Replacement Carbon effectively removes heavy metals, odors, discolorations and pollutants, leaving your aquarium water crystal clear and sparkling.

Can a betta fish live in a Fluval tank?

It’s time to ditch the fishbowl and allow your Betta fish to stretch his fins in a new tank. With innovation in aquarium fish tank technology at its core, the Fluval Spec V aquarium kit will be a great addition to fish keepers seeking to up the size and quality of their fish’s habitat.

Which is better for fish Fluval or Biomax?

Fluval Biomax is great for replacing less than suitable biofilter media that comes with most filters in general. Lots of surface area, and this media lasts such a long time. You will save money, and keep your fish healthy.