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Can a 35 rem kill a bear?

Can a 35 rem kill a bear?

35 Remington is an outstanding round for use on medium sized game such as whitetail deer, feral hogs, and black bear at short ranges. At ranges less than 100 yards, like when hunting whitetail deer or black bear in thick cover, the cartridge excels and is absolutely deadly on big game.

Is a Marlin 45-70 good for deer hunting?

45-70 LEVERevolution ammunition has a flatter trajectory and carries more energy down range than traditional . 45-70 for deer hunting. The MonoFlex bullets are also made of a 100% copper alloy, which makes them a great choice if you’re a California resident and need lead free . 45-70 ammo for hunting.

Is a 45-70 good for long range shooting?

The . 45-70 Govt is very effective out to around 150 yards with minimal bullet drop, but it’s capable of great accuracy and longer range shooting as well. Using modern, smokeless powder, most of the ammunition manufacturers currently produce a wide variety of loads of varying power for the . 45-70.

What kind of ammo is a 35 Remington?

Like the .30-30 Winchester and the .45-70 Government, the .35 Remington is very popular in lever action rifles.

What’s the difference between a 45-70 and a 444 Marlin?

The.45-70 Government has quite the bullet range in comparison to the.444 Marlin; bullets will run from 250-grains all the way up to the behemoth 600-grain slugs, with a slew of choices in between.

Is there A.35 Remington single shot contender?

Thompson Center also manufactures their break action, single shot Contender pistol in .35 Remington for handgun hunters who love the cartridge. Henry Repeating Arms currently manufactures a model in .35 Remington as well.

What kind of rifle is a 1950 Marlin?

Marlin 336 C 1950 made 35 Rem Waffle Top very nice! Shooters and hunters, this is a very nice 1950 made Marlin 336 C in the hard hitting 35 Remington. It has the waffle top with no holes drilled. Blue show light thinning on the carry points.