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Are the Moleskine apps good?

Are the Moleskine apps good?

Unlike many other digital notebooks and sketching apps, I had no trouble in Flow discovering how to select or modify tools, paper, or any of the app’s other settings. Moleskine’s team did a great job with balance: providing the options users want while being careful not to clutter the app with too many choices.

Is Moleskine app free?

Moleskine Journey is a membership service with a free trial. You can use all the features with any plan. Sign up and discover additional offers inside the app.

Is Moleskine journey secure?

The Platform provides for the use of particularly advanced encryption technologies to protect the integrity and confidentiality of Personal Data.

Do you have to pay for Moleskine journey?

Moleskine Journey is a membership service. A single subscription covers all your devices, you can enjoy the service across platforms by purchasing just once. Client apps are available on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and on major browsers using the Web App.

What does the Moleskine pen + notes app do?

This notebook is like other Moleskine notebooks and has a pocket inside the back cover that you can use to store slips of paper, stickers, etc. The Pen+ syncs with the Moleskine M+ Notes app which keeps a digital record of your physical notebooks.

Is the Moleskine journey app free to download?

Look back over the last week, month or year and feel empowered by each streak that gets you closer to achieving your dreams. Moleskine Journey is a membership service with a free trial. Download the app free to try it out without restriction.

When did the first Moleskine app come out?

Its first app, 2015’s Journal, tried to mimic the feel of real-world Moleskine journals using a terrible skeuomorphic interface. It never made it big and got lost in a sea of journal apps and bad reviews.

What’s the name of the Moleskine planner APP?

Moleskine, the same Moleskine that made its name in beautifully designed stationery notebooks is expanding its phenomenal work in app design. We’ve previously used and loved the Moleskine calendar.