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Are harness bars Safe?

Are harness bars Safe?

short answer: For autocross, a harness is fine as is a harness bar – since your harness is really just to hold you in place, not protect you in an accident, and there is pretty much no chance of rollover, unless you’re in a Geo Metro on r-comps, lol.

Can you have rear passengers with a harness bar?

it is safe as long as the rear passengers are fully bolted in their seats, full head, face, body armor protection you should then be good to go. it will be uncomfortable for them just a little bit.

How do you measure for a harness bar?

Universal Harness Bar by NRG Innovations®. The harness bar measurement is basically the measurement of the distance between your B-pillar seat belt harness bolts. When measuring, you should get a measurement in the range of 47-52 inches.

Are harnesses safer than seatbelts?

Children who cannot sit properly in a seatbelt through an entire car ride (even when asleep) NEED to be in a 5-point harness, even if we find out that seat belts are better in some ways. Proper use of both 5-point harnessed seats and belt-positioning boosters greatly reduce the risk of injury in a crash.

Is 2012 a good year for WRX?

Performance. The 2012 Subaru WRX and STI are excellent sport sedans, surprisingly good in bad weather, and likely faster than just about anything within a few grand of their sticker prices. The STI’s 305-horsepower rating is even more fun, though, and is paired with a six-speed manual.

Can you use a 5-point harness with a stock seat?

Yeah, the harness needs a full cage (or at least a proper 5-point bar) and race seat to be effective. It’s part of a safety system. You need all of it together to have it work properly. Get a CG lock for the stock harness and go have some fun, which is what track days are all about.

Do you need a harness bar?

you can just get a harness bar, which is in the exact same location, and serves the exact same purpose, but without all the extra caging. the ONLY danger is improper angel in the harness when you install it. if you install the straps to low in the car, THEN you have a chance of compressing your spine.