Will the military pay for medical school?

Will the military pay for medical school?

If you join the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) before starting medical school, the military will cover 100 percent of your tuition and most other education-related expenses for all four years of school. In exchange, you’ll typically owe four years of active duty service after your residency.

Can active duty military apply for scholarships?

ThanksUSA Scholarships – Academic Top Scholars (ATS) – Accessible to all dependent children, age 24 and under, and all spouses of Active-Duty U.S. military Service Members are eligible to apply for scholarships .

How do I apply for Army Hpsp?

You can apply to just one or to all three — Army, Navy, and Air Force. Recruiters will schedule an initial interview with you. Fill out an application for each service you are interested in. You will take a physical examination at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).

Who is Mills Peninsula Medical Center affiliated with?

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is a not-for-profit healthcare organization affiliated with Sutter Health. The hospital provides compassionate, state-of-the-art care to residents of San Mateo County. To meet the growing needs of the community, Mills-Peninsula opened a new 241-bed hospital in 2011.

Are there any military scholarships for medical school?

For future and current medical school students, the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) offers two-, three- and four-year military scholarships. The HPSP covers civilian medical school tuition, pays for fees, provides a monthly living stipend and includes a signing bonus under certain conditions.

How to apply for Army Health Care Scholarship?

Review the details of the application process below. You can also print them as a PDF. STEP 1: CONTACT AN ARMY RECRUITER Reach out to an Army medical or local recruiter to schedule a preliminary interview to learn about joining the Army health care team and the HPSP application process. They will also provide the application forms.

How do I apply for a HPSP scholarship?

HPSP application. STEP 4: SUBMIT YOUR HPSP APPLICATION When your application is complete, submit it, along with your letters of acceptance, through your Army recruiter. A selection board will evaluate your application packet and send you an Award Notification letter, if accepted.