Why is Shanghai Maglev Train famous?

Why is Shanghai Maglev Train famous?

It is also the fastest commercial electric train in the world. The train line connects Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road Station (in the outskirts of central Pudong), where passengers can interchange to the Shanghai Metro to continue their trip to the city center.

Where is the Shanghai Maglev train?

It is the world’s first and only commercialized maglev train line in operation. It runs from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Rd. Station located at the intersection of Longyang Road and Baiyang Road in Pudong New Area.

How fast does Shanghai Maglev go?

268 mph
Similar to Japan’s L0 Series, the Shanghai maglev (also called the Shanghai Transrapid) is a magnetic levitation train that operates out of Shanghai, China. And while it lands solidly at number four on this list, thanks to a top speed of 268 mph, it’s actually the oldest commercial maglev train still in operation.

Which country made Shanghai Maglev?

China is currently home to the 30km (19 mile) maglev line using the German Transrapid system from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road for transfer to Metro Line 2, completing the journey in eight minutes.

Where is the maglev train from Shanghai Airport?

Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) operats between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Longyang Road Metro Station.

Where to take maglev train from PVG to Hongqiao?

Take maglev train from PVG to Longyang Road Station. Then take metro line 2 to Hongqiao Railway Station. It takes 1.5 hours with CNY9. You can take metro line 2 from Longyang Road to East Nanjing Rd Station (Exit 2), then walk north of 600m to it. It takes 25 minutes with CNY4.

Where to transfer from maglev train to Smt?

Transfer at Maglev Stations. It is easy to transfer to the SMT station from Pudong Airport; At Longyang Rd. Station, you can transfer to metro line 2, line 7 & line 16, as well as many buses which can take you to the urban area of Shanghai.

Are there extra trains from Pudong to Shanghai?

Note: Two extra trains are scheduled at 22:15 and 22:40 departing from Pudong Airport. 1. The ticket has date printed on it. Please be sure to get to the ticket examiner in the stations at least five minutes before the departure time of the train you plan to take on the day. 2.