Why does Booker DeWitt have ad on his hand?

Why does Booker DeWitt have ad on his hand?

It is revealed that ‘AD’ scar on the back of Booker’s right hand stands for Anna Dewitt, Booker’s daughter. It is his “hair shirt” for giving away his daughter.

What does the ad mean in Bioshock Infinite?

She shows that on October 8, 1893, Robert Lutece approached Booker on behalf of Comstock, requesting that he “bring us the girl and wipe away the debt”, referring to Booker’s infant daughter, Anna DeWitt – Booker’s “AD” branding.

Why did Booker sell his daughter?

In October 1893, Robert Lutece came to his office, representing Father Comstock. Comstock offered to wipe out of all of Booker’s debt in exchange for Anna. Desperate, DeWitt sold her to Lutece and Comstock. Robert Lutece theorized that this effect was Booker’s mind creating new memories from old ones.

Is Booker DeWitt really dead?

This way they conduct it as a “play”, Booker plays Comstock and is killed in his place. In other words Booker is drowned which is then used as the universal ending, for any universe where Booker accepts the baptism as he cannot be drowned by refusing the baptism.

Why is it called 1999 mode?

1999 Mode is so named because it harks back to the more hardcore shooters of the nineties. 1999 was also the year that BioShock developer Irrational’s System Shock 2 released.

Why is Jack in Rapture?

During the events of BioShock Jack arrives in Rapture in a Bathysphere taken from the lighthouse on the surface. Jack’s main objective, at first, is to find a functional bathysphere that will return him to the surface. Atlas promises to help him if in return Jack will save his trapped family in Neptune’s Bounty.

How difficult is 1999 mode?

1999 Mode is an unlockable mode of gameplay that is more difficult than the “Hard” setting. It can be unlocked by either beating BioShock Infinite for the first time or on consoles by entering the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B [cancel], A [confirm]) while in the game menu.