Why did the French Colonise Laos?

Why did the French Colonise Laos?

Under the French rule, the Vietnamese were encouraged to migrate to Laos, which was seen by the French colonists as a rational solution to a practical problem within the confines of an Indochina-wide colonial space.

How long did France control Laos?

French Indochina/Laos (1945-1954) Crisis Phase (September 1, 1945-December 31, 1952): Laotian nationalists, known as the Lao Issara (Lao Freedom), led by Prince Phetsarath declared Laotian independence from France on September 1, 1945.

What color represents the French colonies?

The first banner of the French Revolution had a white field with a tricolour in the canton, although the order of the colours has since been reversed.

When did France annex Laos?

1893-1939. The French Protectorate of Laos established two (and at times three) administrative regions governed from Vietnam in 1893. It was not until 1899 that Laos became centrally administered by a single Resident Superieur based in Savannakhet, and later in Vientiane.

Where did the Lao national flag come from?

Laos flag under the French protectorate. From 1945 to 1946: The current Lao flag was designed in 1945 by Maha Sila Viravong, one of the members of the Lao Issara government. His task was to create a new Lao national flag that need to be distinct from the royalist flag that represented the monarchy of Luang Prabang.

What was the name of the French protectorate in Laos?

The kingdom was forced to recognise French control over the eastern side of the Mekong River. Pavie continued to support French expeditions in Laotian territory and gave the territory its modern-day name of Laos.

When did Laos gain independence from the French?

The protectorate was reestablished, but not too long after the kingdom was united over all Laotian regions regions and given self-rule within the French Union as the Kingdom of Laos, achieving full independence after the Franco-Lao Treaty in 1953, during the final stages of the First Indochina War.

What does the white disc on the Laos flag mean?

According to the original creator, the meaning of Laos flag can be seen as following: The white disc in the center: symbolizes the justice and the unity of Lao people under the leadership of the Lao People’s Revolutionary party and the bright future of the country. This also represents a full moon against Mekong River;