Why are Staffordshire dogs called Wally dogs?

Why are Staffordshire dogs called Wally dogs?

The so-called Staffordshire dogs were one of the hottest décor pieces in England and Scotland in the 19th century. Well, it was said that with time the Staffordshire dogs, also called Wally dogs in Scotland, moved from the mantelpiece to the windows to show off their newfound bourgeoisie.

What are Wally dogs?

Mainly manufactured in Staffordshire pottery, these earthenware figures were also made in other English counties and in Scotland. In Scotland, they were colloquially termed Wally dugs and were manufactured in bulk at potteries in places such as Pollokshaws in Glasgow and Portobello near Edinburgh.

How can you tell if a Staffordshire dog is real?

What to look for:

  1. Press moulded body with defined modelling and a very small firing hole in the base. (
  2. Painted decoration: detailed with a face full of character and slight differences between the pair.
  3. Soft gilding showing evidence of age.
  4. Signs of crazing, or firing flaws on the base.
  5. No maker’s mark.

How do I know if my Staffordshire dog is antique?

To know if a piece is authentic or not, a collector should know that the interior surface was smooth. Later figures, produced by the slip-casting technique, have slight indentations. Collectors should also examine the vent or firing holes. Current reproductions can have holes as large as a quarter.

How big is a Staffordshire Staffordshire Wally dog?

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How tall is a black and white Wally dog?

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What kind of dog is a flat back Wally?

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Where can I find a vintage Wally dog?

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