Who won the Rugby 7s World Cup?

Who won the Rugby 7s World Cup?

The event is contested every four years, with tournaments for men’s and women’s national teams co-hosted at the same venues. It is organised by World Rugby, the sport’s governing body….Men’s tournament.

Host Hong Kong
Final Winner Fiji
Score 24–21
Runner-up South Africa
Semi-finalists New Zealand

Who won the Rugby World Cup in 2014?

The matches took place on 1, 5, 9, and 13 August with the final played on 17 August. The tournament format was the same as in 2010, with 12 teams split into three pools of four. The pool allocation draw took place once all 12 teams were confirmed. England won the final 21-9 against Canada on 17 August.

Who is the best rugby 7s team?

World Sevens Series Rankings

1 New Zealand 19
2 South Africa 22
3 Fiji 13
4 England 8

Where is the Rugby 7s World Cup?

Cape Town Stadium
2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens/Location

When did the Rugby Sevens World Series start?

The Sevens World Series has been run by World Rugby since 1999–2000. This series also, for the first time, doubled as a qualifier for the 2016 Summer Olympics, with the top four countries qualifying automatically. The schedule for the 2014–15 Series was released to the public in early March 2014.

When do Ireland play in the world rugby sevens?

Ireland competes as a “core team” on the World Rugby Sevens Series, a competition every year from December to June that includes ten tournaments staged around the globe. The 2019–20 season is Ireland’s first season as a core team.

Where was the Womens Rugby World Cup held in 2014?

The 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup was the seventh edition of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, and the sixth held in Europe. The World Cup Final took place on 17 August.

Who are the hosts of the Rugby World Cup?

France, as the host nation, qualified automatically. The top three teams from the 2010 tournament, New Zealand, England, and Australia, also qualified automatically. Canada and the United States qualified due to there being no interest from other North or South American unions.