Who won at Summit 2021?

Who won at Summit 2021?

L6 Junior Coed – Small – Finals

Rank Program Name Raw Score
1 Cheer Athletics – Charlotte 98.4
2 Prodigy All Stars 98.3
3 Twist & Shout Tulsa 98.1
4 Woodlands Elite – OR 97.7

Will Summit 2021 happen?

The Summit Championship will now take place April 30th – May 2nd, 2021 at Walt Disney World Resort’s ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Click here to read the Championship Experience Updates.

Can youth teams go to Summit 2021?

The Summit as we know it is no more. Varsity has just announced “Regional Summits” for the 2020-2021 Season. Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior teams may attend Regional Summits; however, only Junior and Senior teams may attend the Summit in Orlando.

Why is the summit important for All Star Cheerleading?

“‘Earning a Summit bid helps our gym gain exposure not just in the cheerleading industry, but to the community who may not know about all star. It’s an opportunity for us to get our name out there and grow our program on the national stage which helps bring more athletes into all star as a whole.'”

When is the national high school cheerleading championship?

2021 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship 2021 The Regional Summit Virtual Championships

Is the summit an exclusive all level championship?

*Once registration is FINAL – divisions will be combined per the USASF Guidelines. The Summit is a definitive & exclusive All Levels National Championship. Eight years ago, Varsity All Star was inspired by the talent within the All Star industry and responded to customer requests for a high caliber event that recognized teams in all levels.

How many varsity athletes can compete at the summit?

A team of 16 competes and receives a bid, they can only add or replace 4 athletes to compete at The Summit. A team of 22 competes and receives a bid, they can only replace (not add) 6 athletes (5.5% will be rounded up) to compete at The Summit. A team of 18 competes and receives a bid.