Who wins season 12 of the block Australia?

Who wins season 12 of the block Australia?

In an unbelievable night of auctions, the series’ most controversial couple, Hayden Vale and Sara Tumino, took out the top prize when their apartment sold well above their reserve of $2.5 million – making them The Block 2018 winners.

Are Sasha and Julia from the block still together?

Julie and Sasha: still together Currently living in Seattle, the pair are working in property development. They also finished renovating a new home, which they dubbed Little Willow. Julie and Sasha are still together.

How much money did KYAL and Kara win on the block?


Rank Couple Total Winnings
1 Steve & Chantelle $736,000
2 Alisa & Lysandra $616,000
3 Kyal & Kara $567,250
4 Brad & Dale $507,250

Who are the winners of the block 2012?

Brad Cranfield and Lara Welham have won The Block 2012. Their house sold for $1,620,000 which was $506,000 above their reserve price. They won an additional $100,000 for landing the biggest profit. All four properties sold for over $1million each.

Who are the hosts of the block Australia?

The fourteenth season of Australian reality television series The Block premiered on August 5, 2018, on the Nine Network. Hosts Scott Cam and Shelley Craft , site foreman Keith Schleiger with Dan Reilly, and judges Neale Whitaker, Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer, all returned from the previous season.

What did Michael and Carlene win on the block Australia?

Australia’s hearts collectively broke as Michael and Carlene profited only $10,000 during the Glasshouse season, and then again when they returned for Reno Rumble and were the first team eliminated.

Who are the contestants on the block 2018?

Since then, the couple has gone from strength to strength, hosting their own renovating series with Channel 9, Quick Room Flips. They also made a guest appearance on the 2018 season of The Block to show the contestants how its done. Add a comment… Instagram