Who sings the Starship Enterprise theme song?

Who sings the Starship Enterprise theme song?

Russell Watson
Russell Watson (born 24 November 1966; age 54) is an English vocalist and tenor who sang the opening theme song from Star Trek: Enterprise entitled “Where My Heart Will Take Me”, which was originally recorded as “Faith of the Heart” by Rod Stewart for the film Patch Adams.

Why did enterprise change its theme song?

New enemies, new area of space, new and more serious 9/11 allegory, T’Pol joined Starfleet, the show became Star Trek: Enterprise, and they changed the opening theme to supposedly give it a little more punch.

Who wrote the theme song for enterprise?

Diane Warren
Star Trek: Enterprise/Music composed by
The latest proof: Fervent Trekkers are gathering online by the thousands to sign petitions demanding the removal of ”Faith of the Heart,” the Diane Warren-penned power ballad that, as sung by British crossover opera singer Russell Watson, serves as the theme music for the latest ”Star Trek” series, ”Enterprise” (UPN.

Who wrote Where My Heart Will Take Me?

Where My Heart Will Take Me/Composers
“Where My Heart Will Take Me” is the main title song of Star Trek: Enterprise. Originally titled “Faith of the Heart”, it was written by Diane Warren and originally performed by Rod Stewart for the 1998 movie Patch Adams.

Who sings the Star Trek Enterprise song?

Dennis McCarthy. Enterprise is the soundtrack for the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. It features the opening title song, ” Where My Heart Will Take Me “, as sung by Russell Watson, alongside instrumental compositions by Dennis McCarthy.

What are the themes in Star Trek?

The Motion Picture.

  • The Original Series.
  • First Contact.
  • The Wrath of Khan.
  • Voyager.
  • Insurrection.
  • The Undiscovered Country.
  • Star Trek ’09.
  • Nemesis.
  • Discovery.
  • Who sings the theme song for the show enterprise?

    Who sings the theme song for the TV Show ‘Star Trek Enterprise’. In: Entertainment › Television. The theme song for “Enterprise” is called “Faith Of The Heart.” It is sung by Russell Watson. Enterprise ran from 2001 to 2005.

    What is the name of the Star Trek theme song?

    The “Theme from Star Trek” (originally scored under the title “Where No Man Has Gone Before” [1] and also known informally as the ” Star Trek Fanfare “) is the instrumental theme music composed for Star Trek: The Original Series by Alexander Courage . First recorded in 1964, it is played in its entirety during…