Who owned Nickey Chevrolet?

Who owned Nickey Chevrolet?

Originally founded by a man named Nickey in the ’20s, the Chevy dealership was sold to the Stephani family in the ’30s. Two Stephani brothers, Ed and Jack, took over the running of the dealership after they came home from military service in World War II.

What is a Nickey Camaro?

Nickey Chevrolet of Chicago was known as the Original Super Car Headquarters and they were the first to offer the new 427 big-block Corvette engine in the Camaro. The first known as the Stage I was mild tuning of the engine and subtle styling enhancements.

Where was Nickey Chevrolet located?

Nickey Chevrolet of Chicago, Illinois was indeed the “Original Super Car Headquarters”. In the muscle car world, the term “original” is thrown around haphazardly as often as the word “rare”.

Where was Nickey Chevrolet located in Chicago?

4501 W. Irving Park Road
Nickey Chevrolet was originally established in the 1920s at 4120 Irving Park Road (at the corner of Kedvale and Irving Park Road). When the Kennedy expressway was built in the 1950s, Nickey Chevrolet moved to 4501 W. Irving Park Road in Chicago.

Who are the owners of Nickey Chevrolet in Chicago?

Nickey Chevrolet (also referred to as “Nickey Chicago”) was a Chevrolet automobile dealership located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Founded in 1925 and run for many years by brothers E.J. and Jack Stephani, Nickey Chevrolet became one of the largest factory dealerships, specializing in high performance muscle car sales…

When did Nickey Chevrolet start selling corvettes?

Nickey Chevrolet began its high performance parts business in 1957. Their “Purple People Eater” Corvettes became well-known, as did their logo with a backwards “K”. Nickey Chevrolet became General Motors ‘ largest volume selling dealership for both vehicles and parts, many of the high-performance variety.

When was the last time Chevy made a Nickey?

New-vehicle emissions limits that started in 1968, came with a five-year/50,000-mile requirement. This meant that anyone who did an engine swap in a new car had to certify that their swap met those standards. That, and high insurance rates and surcharges for anything performance-oriented, led to the last Nickey conversion in 1974.

What kind of engine did Nickey Chevrolet make?

The service department specialized in engine swaps, transplanting 427 cubic inch displacement (CID) “Big Block” Chevy engines into the very first 1967 Camaros, and soon there after into Novas, Chevelles, Impalas and even Corvettes. Nickey Chevrolet modified hundreds of cars to their customers’ specifications.