Who is the manufacturer of Accu Trak knurls?

Who is the manufacturer of Accu Trak knurls?

Accu Trak Tool Corp – Manufacturer of quality Knurling products since 1985 ACCU TRAK knurling tools and knurl holders are manufactured to extremely high standards from premium alloy tool steels. We have the largest stock of circular and diametral pitch knurls in both inch and metric sizes available for immediate shipment.

What should the knurl depth of an Accu Trak be?

These knurling tools will produce a straight knurl using a 30° RH diagonal knurling die or a 30° LH diagonal knurl with a straight knurling die. The knurl depth should be approximately 50% of the knurl pitch. Surface speed is in the range of 50-200 ft/min (depending upon material) with a feed rate of around .005″/Rev.

Which is harder Knurl wheels or ACCU Trak?

These knurling tools are slightly harder and in most applications deliver a substantial increase in tool life. Multiple coatings such as “TiN” and “Ferritic Nitrocarburizing” are also available if necessary.

What kind of dies can you use on A Trak Knurl?

Special knurls including attachment style dies as well as spline rolling dies can be made to your exact specifications. CLICK HERE TO VIEW / DOWNLOAD OUR LATEST CATALOG.

What can ACCU, inc.do for You?

At ACCU, Inc. we’ll take care of everything and implement sound strategies that make maintaining an HOA even easier. Our property management and accounting teams also offers a full line of association consulting services. These services can run from reviewing various rules and regulations, to budgeting and accounting.

How many models of Accu lathes are there?

Since 1984, Accu products line has grown – now offering six model of Lathes including On the Car Lathes, Tire Changers, Wheel Balancers, Vehicle Lifts, Alignment Equipment, “Brake Align” ™ run-out correction procedure, Brake and Parts Washers.

When is ACCU, Inc closed for Memorial Day?

Accu, Inc office will be closed on Monday, May 31, 2021 in observance of Memorial Day. Are you a member of a community homeowner association or do you live in an HOA that could use a little help?