Who is the guy singing in the car in the Allstate commercial?

Who is the guy singing in the car in the Allstate commercial?

Dennis Haysbert
The man who has become known as the Allstate commercial guy is Dennis Haysbert.

Who is singing in the new Allstate commercial?

singer Alicia Keys
In the commercial, which was created by agency Droga5 (via iSpot.tv) and is narrated by singer Alicia Keys, a woman driving her convertible switches on the radio and musicians suddenly appear in the car with her, playing along to the song.

What is the song in the Honda commercial?

Honda TV Commercial, ‘Overcome Difficulty’ Song by Vampire Weekend [T2]

Which is the best car commercials on TV?

Ford TV Spot, ‘Built to Lend a Hand: Coming Together’ [T2] Honda TV Spot, ‘Open for Service’ [T2] Cadillac TV Spot, ‘We Have Your Back’ [T1] Mahindra TV Spot, ‘The Beast Has Arrived’ Honda TV Spot, ‘The Power of Something Greater’ [T1] Acura TV Spot, ‘COVID-19 Response’ [T1] 2020 Subaru Ascent TV Spot, ‘A Big Day Out’ [T2]

Are there any car commercials with no man?

Maybe it’s just us, maybe it’s the dog days of summer, but it seems as if auto advertising has slowed to a standstill. We know that’s not the case — car commercials, like time, wait for no man, woman, or manbearpig.

Who is the singer in the seat commercial?

Read More. SEAT introduced this new the SEAT Mii advert featuring music by Zambian-Australian singer-songwriter Sampa The Great. The commercial highlights the fact that the new version of the SEAT Mi is now fully electric… Read More.

What’s the name of the guy in the car commercial?

Well, nothing except taking corners with a hard-working diamond-cutter in the backseat, but we couldn’t find that clip on YouTube. Yeah, sure, it’s a little “Kumbya”, but the visual appeal of this clip made it a stand-out, and made its creator, Mr. Hide, a very hot property in the advertising world.