Who is the ceo of NSW Health?

Who is the ceo of NSW Health?

Rebecca Wark
After an extensive recruitment process, NSW Health Secretary, Elizabeth Koff and Health Infrastructure’s Chairman, Lucio de Bartolomeo, were delighted to announce the appointment of Rebecca Wark as our new Chief Executive in May 2019.

Who is the current NSW health minister?

Brad Hazzard
The current Minister for Health and Medical Research, since 30 January 2017 is Brad Hazzard. He is supported by the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women, currently Bronwyn Taylor, since April 2019.

What is health infrastructure?

Meaning of Health A developed health infrastructure also guarantees a country of strong and healthy manpower for the production of goods and services. Health infrastructure includes advanced machines, specialist doctors, nurses, and other paramedical professionals and developed pharmaceutical industries.

What would be included in a strong public health infrastructure?

A strong public health infrastructure includes a capable and qualified workforce, up-to-date data and information systems, and agencies that can assess and respond to public health needs.


Who is the CEO of Health Infrastructure NSW?

Emma joined the Leadership Team in 2019 and is leading strategic change planning and implementation.

Who is the CEO of the NSW Ambulance Service?

Gillian also oversees our programs: the Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) Program, Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy (SAMIS) and the State-wide Mental Health Infrastructure Program.

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How long has Bruno been with Health Infrastructure NSW?

With a career spanning over 30 years, Bruno has a long history of delivering infrastructure projects to benefit the community. During his time with HI, he has developed a reputation for a client and community focussed approach to project management.