Who is T-Boz first baby daddy?

Who is T-Boz first baby daddy?

In 2000, T-Boz welcomed daughter Chase Anela Rolison, the only child she shares with her ex-husband Dedrick Rolison, better known by his stage name, Mack 10.

Who did T-Boz have a child with?

Chase Anela Rolison
Tionne Watkins/Children

What happened Tionne Watkins?

The disease is incurable. The singer opens up about her battle with sickle cell and surviving a brain tumor, which she details in her new book , “A Sick Life.”

How old is Tionne Watkins?

51 years (April 26, 1970)
Tionne Watkins/Age

Did any of the TLC girls have kids?

October 24, 2000 — Just two months after walking down the aisle together, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC and rapper Mack 10 (born D’Mon Rolison) have become parents. On Friday at 10 p.m., Watkins gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Chase, in a Los Angeles hospital.

How old is Lisa Lopes now?

She also produced another girl group, Blaque, who scored a platinum album and two US top 10 hits. Lopes remains the only member of TLC to have released a solo album….

Lisa Lopes
Born Lisa Nicole LopesMay 27, 1971 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died April 25, 2002 (aged 30) La Ceiba, Honduras
Cause of death Car crash

Why is TLC broke?

TLC claimed that they were unable to make any money due to being signed by both a production deal, management deal, and recording contract within the same company. In 1996, the bankruptcy suit was settled after they also sued LaFace/Arista records, and their production company, Pebbitone.

Is T-Boz broke?

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins filed for bankruptcy in October, according to TMZ. T-Boz claims on the court papers that she is currently owed $250,000 in child support payments.

Does left eye have a daughter?

Snow Lopes
Lisa Lopes/Daughters

Why did Lisa Left Eye go to jail?

In 1994, Left Eye was arrested for burning down Rison’s home. Left Eye escaped jail time, but debts incurred from the incident forced TLC to declare bankruptcy in 1995.

How old was Lisa left eye when she died?

30 years (1971–2002)
Lisa Lopes/Age at death

Did TLC make any money?

Though CrazySexyCool sold 11 million copies in the U.S., making an incredible $75 million dollars for their record company, TLC’s ludicrously exploitative contracts only paid each of the members $50,000. This put the group in a bad spot, as they all had some serious debts.